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About The Team

Kevin Campbell

Wealth Advisor

For more than a decade, Kevin has skillfully employed his experience in wealth management, retirement planning, tax strategies, and legacy planning to guide clients through intricate financial challenges while also imparting valuable financial knowledge. He excels at cutting through the noise and finding equilibrium in the often-divisive world of finances. This proficiency has made him a sought-after commentator by renowned media outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, ABC, CBS, Fox, and others.

Kevin employs a diverse range of tools and strategies to assist clients in reaching their specific objectives, including the pursuit of a work-optional lifestyle while maintaining a vigilant focus on taxes.

Establishing the firm in 2009 following a successful technology career, Kevin's deep experience and insights continue to drive the success of his financial endeavors.

Kevin and his wife, Christine, have been together for 30 short wonderful years and have 2 children, Lindsay & Quinn. He enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Christine Campbell

Wealth Advisor

When Christine Campbell works with her clients, she strongly believes in educating them with “the Heart of a Teacher” to help them understand their retirement plan and what it takes to work toward their goals. She joined the firm at its founding in 2009. Christine and her husband, Kevin, have been together for 30 long, long years and have two wonderful children, Lindsay & Quinn. She enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, & racing sailboats with her husband.

Traci Selby

Director of Client Services

Traci Selby is the one that keeps the whole team in sync. Traci joined the firm in 2014. She is the proud mother of two sons, Corbin & Ashton. She enjoys travel, backpacking & hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.