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About Peaks Financial

Peaks Financial provides Panoramic Financial Planning to people who are friendly, responsible, and value professional expertise in an authentic environment with a balanced voice helping them feel empowered and providing them with clarity for their future through a process called the SAIL FORMula. Peaks Financial is an Independent, Fee-Based, Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Company. Independent: Independence in the financial services sector means that we are not owned or controlled by a larger institution that may impose certain mandates on how or with whom we conduct business. The advice and recommendations given to our clients are specific to their unique set of circumstances and is not dictated by the outside influence of a larger institution. We don't subscribe to the "because that's how we have always done it" school of thought. We constantly seek to make a better mousetrap, which provides our clients with quality products and services. Fiduciary: As a representative of USA Financial Securities and a Fiduciary, our founder, Kevin Campbell believes we owe our clients the duties of good faith and trust. Fee-Based: Kevin also believes that true fiduciary standards require the use of a fee-based model. It simply isn't truly available under any other model in an integrated planning system.